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Live Play with GM Omar Najam - Whole Table

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Purchase the entire table (6 seats) for you and your friends to play in a live (virtual, private, non-streamed) Omar Najam DM’ed D&D One-shot! (using D&D 5e)

We'll find a mutual time that works for your party and the GM, usually a weekday evening (PT) or a Saturday.  S
upport DesiQuest in a major way and snap this up for this rare experience to play with one of the most joyful and knowledgeable DMs out there!

Newbies welcome! Even if you've never build a character or played before we can make a character for you, or help you make your own. 

You'll get to play with top-level D&D talent and have an exclusive experience with maximum immersion. With a limited number of spaces available, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to level up your D&D game.


"I got to play in a game with Omar Najam as GM and it was an incredible experience. I was nervous about playing with people I didn't know and because... Well. Omar. I've seen him in games. He is on a whole other level. Not only was Omar so welcoming and kind, which was not a surprise, but the setting was so imaginative and engaging and cinematic that it was easy to get sucked into the story and become a part of it. Playing was a truly collaborative adventure that I'll never forget."
-Pemberleigh (DesiQuest Kickstarter Backer)

"In the span of 30 minutes, Omar led the group of us to create a tangible and amazing world that promised a whole bunch of fun and not just for a One-Shot. He engaged the group to help him build out our characters in the world. His lore and storytelling make me want more."
-Mark (DesiQuest Kickstarter Backer)